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Zimbabwean President extends lockdown


Zimbabwean President extends lockdown

President ED extends lockdown 16/05/2020. President Emmerson Mnangagwa has extended the COVID-19-induced lockdown saying that it has to continue on Level 2 for an indefinite period. He President ED Mnangagwa says level 2 lockdown to continue indefinitely with government assessing progress every 2 weeks

In his address to the nation this Saturday, He said: We shall have regular two-week interval reviews to assess progress or lack of it.

The extension comes amid intensified calls by some members of the public and the business community for the government to lift the lockdown which they say is worsening the preexisting socioeconomic crisis in the country.

Meanwhile, some are of the view that prematurely lifting the lockdown might increase the number of coronavirus deaths and cases which might resultantly usher the country into turmoil as the health sector is collapsed.

Zimbabwe now has, as of 15 May 2020, officially recorded 42 coronavirus cases including 4 deaths.

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