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Zimbabwean men labeled ‘The most loving’ in South Africa

Zimbabwean men labeled 'The most loving' in South Africa

Despite being called smelly and shunned for their hard work, Zimbabwean men have been labeled the most loving by the majority of South African women on social media.

Meanwhile Khanyi Mbau is the latest to have been caught by the Zimbabwean love web, she ain’t the first nor the last! A while back actress Simpiwe Ngema fell in love with one of them and is happily married according to the romantic stories they post on social media.

Following several incognito posts with her rumored new man, Khanyi made their relationship Instagram official on Monday.

Mbau has been posting pictures of him since last week but with his face obscured or blurred out. The pair allegedly made things official last month and are now exclusive.