Home local ‘Y’all can’t wait to see me die’- Emtee on his haters

‘Y’all can’t wait to see me die’- Emtee on his haters


‘Y’all can’t wait to see me die’- Emtee on his haters

Emtee is gatvol of his critics always spreading lies about him and has claimed that they would like nothing more than to see him dead. The rapper has been dragged several times over the last few months but got into his latest war of words this week after he said he would open a loan shark business if he was given money to start a company. One follower dragged him for it, saying Emtee was just a second ago in the weed business.

Emtee hit back, claiming his haters “just can’t wait to see the day” he dies, but he is unbothered.“Mxm y’all just can’t wait to see the day I die, huh? Everything I post negative/positive. sometimes I be chillin minding mines, not bothering nobody, and this is how y’all wanna play with me.”emtee

He also denied saying anything about getting into the weed business.“Never said anything about a weed business. I know y’all hate me but you lying.”Emtee recently admitted to selling weed as a teenager to help feed his family.“I’m not gangster and I don’t mind being one but I’m not. I did things in my past to survive. I sold weed from the age of 17 so I can at least buy bread to bring home. I made more money by myself than with anybody,” he shared on Twitter.


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