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Woman clubbing with baby on her back inside overcrowded & noisy tavern


The baby on her back should be asleep under warm blankets. But instead, he’s on her back, at an overcrowded spot with loud music.

A shocking video of a woman in a groove has gone viral.

The woman is seen to be having the time of her life, and Tweeps are not impressed with her.

Some said this kind of behavior is the reason why South Africa will go back to level 5 lockdown, while some think she should go straight to jail.

The unknown woman who seems to be enjoying the festive season has left Mzansi with their jaws dropped.

Boozers are even enjoying the vibe of singing “Baby Mama” in the background.

Some people even dragged it saying that the president should just take the country back to level 5. Even though it wouldn’t be fair to those who’ve been behaving and following all the Covid-19 rules and regulations.

Gamelihle Bovana said he’d be lying if he said he’s surprised by this behavior because the mother knew exactly what she was doing. He said all he can do is just laugh at her stupidity.

Tshepiso More said police must start by arresting the owner of the place for allowing her to go in with a child, and close down that place forever! “This girl yena, I don’t know what she was thinking. Hey Ke sono ka ngwano. She needs to get some punishment too,” he tweeted.

Even though many blame the woman for her negligence, some are asking themselves how this woman was even allowed into that place of groove. Phello M questioned where the owner of this place is.

Guluva Hibirist said this kind of behavior will affect kids in the long run.

He further stated that this woman shouldn’t be surprised when this child starts experiencing hearing problems because this will be one of the reasons why.

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