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Wife removes own wig after catching her husband cheating on her #Uyajola99



jub jub

Wife removes own wig after catching her husband cheating on her #Uyajola99

Jub Jub was back on screens for yesterday’s episode of #Uyajola99 – One of the peeps watching was none other than singer Khanyi Mbau – Khanyi cracked up at the disgruntled wife who removed her own wig after catching her husband cheating on her.jubjub3

Jub Jub was the presenter on tonight’s episode of #Uyajola99. As usual, he brought the drama and made sure to add extra spices. As a result, we saw the situations of infidelity escalate during the heated confrontations. In one confrontation, a wife was so upset with her cheating husband that she removed her own wig.jub jub 1

The husband managed to get hold of her discarded hair during the melee. This prompted Khanyi Mbau to give some sage advice to all the guys out there. She said, “Gents, when we say pull our hair in the heat of the moment – we mean in bed! Not in Jub Jub’s combi after I catch you cheating on me!”



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