Home Sports Why Pitso stays away from Egyptian malls!

Why Pitso stays away from Egyptian malls!

Why Pitso stays away from Egyptian malls!
Pitso 'Jingles' Mosimane is a South African football manager and former player who is the current manager of Al Ahly in the Egyptian Premier League.

Why Pitso stays away from Egyptian malls!

Ever imagined spending most of your free time in a hotel room? That is the life of Pitso Mosimane is Egypt, who is confined to his residence in the Egyptian capital and only really goes out when he is taking his Al Ahly side for training or on matchdays.

Mosimane is closing in on a year since joining the Egyptian giants, after he turned his back on Mamelodi Sundowns and he has revealed that the one time he went to a shopping mall, he had a big shock as supporters of his team flocked to him.

Speaking to the South African Football Journalists Association, Mosimane spoke of the difference between the levels of fanaticism for Al Ahly in Cairo, compared to South African teams.

“When you go to North Africa, there is no playing golf… there is no life, forget about it. I can’t go to the shopping mall, I’ve only been to the shopping mall once in nine months and I was escorted by three bodyguards,” said Mosimane.

“People here take football very seriously. Imagine we have a team that is supported by more than the population of South Africa… 70 million, you’ve got no space, I can’t move and I buy things online from South Africa because I can’t move, it is a bit crazy.

Whether you win or lose, you are in trouble,” he added.

Mosimane went on to detail part of the reason why he decided to leave South African and join Al Ahly, stating his hunger for new challenges as one factor that encouraged him to take up the post in Egypt.

He went on to suggest that another of South Africa’s successful coaches would also be capable of coaching up north.

“I believe Gavin Hunt can coach in North Africa, no doubt … he opted for Chippa United and it’s his life but I like to challenge systems and I am inquisitive.

I needed to know what this thing about North African football is, it was about time someone from South Africa understands and knows African football.

I made it my job to do that.

I wanted to see what the North African dominance is. Now I know North African football and I want my fellow South Africans to know it as well.”

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