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Whats Going On – 4-5s HIT THE GYM



It seems men have found a way to grow their 4-5s and last longer in bed.

And they are using gym equipment to do this!

Some use 4-5 dumbbells, while others use a device called Private Gym.

Fisokuhle Mkhonza (33) said he has been tying the dumbbell around his 4-5 everyday for 10 minutes for two years.

“My girlfriend doesn’t know about this, but she loves my 4-5. Yes, I know it’s risky. One mistake and your 4-5 will never work, but it’s really worth it and I won’t stop,” said Fisokuhle.

Nkanyiso Madlala (28) said a friend told him about the Private Gym device and he was scared at first.

But he had a change of heart when his girlfriend cheated on him.

“We now poke until she tells me she’s tired. She’ll never cheat on me.”

“This girl is the love of my life and I couldn’t lose her. When I asked why she did it, she told me she was tired of my two-minute noodles,” he said.

“We now poke until she tells me she’s tired. She’ll never cheat on me.”

Godfrey Mahapa (31) said he read about the 4-5 dumbbells on the internet and immediately tried them out.

“My girlfriend and I were going through a lot and sex was one of the issues. I used to be tired all the time and my 4-5 would be 70% erect,” he said.

When asked about the dangers of 4-5 exercises, he quickly said if he died it was worth the risk, but he won’t stop.

Some girlfriends are happy.

Mandisa Kheswa (26) said her boyfriend started a year ago and it’s been working wonders. But at first she was scared he might hurt himself.

“He doesn’t do two-minute noodles anymore. I’m happy,” said Mandisa.

Sithabile Mhlongo (33) said she highlighted the dangers of this type of exercise to her boyfriend, but she secretly hoped he wouldn’t listen to her.

“If my man is willing to risk his manhood for me, then who am I to tell him what to do,” she said.

Private Gym creator David Mandell said although it could be risky when overdone, the device was good for 4-5s.

“In less than 10 minutes a day, three days a week, the Private Gym helps men create harder and longer-lasting erections, prevents premature ejaculation, improves time to ejaculation and creates stronger orgasms,” claimed David.

David said the device is placed on an erect penis and lifted up and down, “the super-soft, resistance ring weighs only 2.5g, not a lot, but enough weight to strengthen and grow the pelvic muscles.”

He said the penis weight sets are used the same way too., you put them around your erect penis and go up and down.

But sex expert Hlaolane Masondo said this kind of exercise was dangerous.

“One wrong move, you might hurt your 4-5 and no longer get an erection. I don’t recommend it and encourage men to exercise, drink a lot of water and eat healthily,” said Hlaolane.

Urologist Dr Guy Gaudji said there were a lot of pills, exercises, surgeries and other penis-enlargement techniques which promised to increase 4-5s.

“However, these methods of penile strengthening are not supported by the medical fraternity. I don’t recommend this kind of exercise,” said Dr Guy.

Source | Daily Sun

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