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“What I found in my sisters phone still traumatizes me”


The acts of paedophilia are still going on and the youth are still being taken advantage of by men who are older than they are.

The reason why these men take advantage of young girls is because they are very vulnerable to societal influences.

There are so many cases of phedophila in our country but not only here but almost every part of the world . Africa and Asia have the highest phedophile actions and cases why is this so?

There isa young boy from Thembisa who has a 16 year old sister ,The boy shared a story of how he found out that his sister was seeing a man as old as their mom.He came across pictures of her and this man in the sisters phone, “when I saw those pictures I felt my heart leave my chest and every warmth in my body disappeared, I was traumatized and scared “that’s what the young boy said .

In the image below you can see the chats between his sister and this man .It’s really frightening that so many young girls are in these types of relationships.

"What I found in my sisters phone still traumatizes me"

Until today I didn’t know what to do whether to tell my parents or not because she would get into serious trouble. Whenever I see her go to this man’s house, the rumor just comes back .

It’s sad that the younger boy’s sister is not the only young girl dating older men.