Home Celebs Did Zodwa Wabantu really check into rehab again?

Did Zodwa Wabantu really check into rehab again?

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Did Zodwa Wabantu really check into rehab again?

Controversial entertainer, reality star and businesswoman, Zodwa Wabantu, took to Instagram to share a video of herself “checking into” a rehab facility once again.

The same facility she has publicly announced being in partnership with in May this year.

In the video, a barefoot Zodwa strolled in with her suitcase and convincingly shared that she has an alcohol and drug abuse problem and that she wanted to deal with her “demons”.

In the caption, Zodwa wrote: “Zodwa Wabantu welcomed at Rehab for Drugs & Alcohol @africarehabilitationce Rehab Drugs & Alcohol @africarehabilitationcentre @africarehabilitationcentre”.

She said: “The truth is I am responsible for my alcoholism and drug addiction, so I will always be welcome as many times as I make many mistakes as I want, I am allowed, so I am back … Since we are on lockdown, I am taking this opportunity to look after my demons … I’m going to be here for as long as I want,” said Zodwa.

However, fans aren’t convinced that the reality show star is being genuine about her addiction and check-in as this is not the first or even second time Zodwa has “checked into” a facility.

The first time Zodwa was posted a video saying that she was “f**king tired”.

While, at that time, her fans supported her, this time around, angry fans and followers took to the comments to call out Zodwa for merely just promoting the rehab centre and not genuinely checking in.

Some commented that her suitcase is empty and that the video looks staged.

Melishakendra said: “That suitcase is empty. Stop promoting drugs and Alcohol to the youth. May fire from the skys fall on you”.

Simphiweotto said: “Super staged.. but we get the message you’re trying to send across.. also, I am sure this is a paid post, but its all good ”.

Thandiwe_gwele_solwandle said: “Bfre the end of the week, Zodwa will be holding a Savanna”.

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