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WATCH: Zodwa Wabantu Promotes Pen!s Enlargement

zodwa pen!s enlargement

WATCH: Zodwa Wabantu Promotes Pen!s Enlargement

Zodwa Wabantu’s latest Instagram post saw her promoting pen!s enlargement, as she looked directly at the patient’s… goods. The media personality has been known for promoting and endorsing various cosmetic and plastic surgeries, but this one seems to have rubbed people the wrong way.

The post shows Zodwa speaking to the patient whilst she looked at his private area, whilst at the Herwood Medical Clinic in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. She commented on the current size of his genitals and asked if he was happy with the size he ultimately chose, as the doctor measure him with a measuring tape.

A number of Zodwa’s fans called her out for being money-hungry, claiming that she endorses everything without thinking about the health or moral implications. Many also questioned her sincerity when it came to the patient, as she appeared to speak to him without a face mask on. Bongile Tata stated, “How Sisi, you should have at least covered his face.

What’s the need to promote these things… you making your money.” Another follower commented with, “Shem… what she won’t do for money wena.” A number of people also claimed that the video was embarrassing for the patient, and suggested that she should have blocked out his face.



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