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WATCH: Phume making SA’s men twerk for a PS5, we will never recover from this #TwerkForPhume




WATCH: Phume making SA’s men twerk for a PS5, we will never recover from this #TwerkForPhume

South African men battled in an Instagram Twerking competition sponsored by Phume. The competition prize was a brand new PlayStation 5. The PS5 console was allegedly leaked on Amazon, and it’s a bit pricey. But is it real? According to a listing captured by HotUKDeals, the console will cost $760, or R12 700.

The fitness bunnie, businesswoman, and travel enthusiast Phume dangled a brand new PS 5 and men scrambled for the video game drawing funny twitter remarks.

Check out the videos below they will knock you out like crazy we could not help laughing.


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Twitter has gone crazy and indeed Twerk For Phume has proved that the males are just like the opposite gender and they are willing to do anything for money. The only problem is men don’t get offered the same opportunities as women do.



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