Home local #EFFBLMProtest-WATCH: Malema in explosive rant against Ramaphosa…’This bastard called Cyril’

#EFFBLMProtest-WATCH: Malema in explosive rant against Ramaphosa…’This bastard called Cyril’


#EFFBLMProtest-WATCH: Malema in explosive rant against Ramaphosa…’This bastard called Cyril’

Well, things have certainly kicked-off at the EFF’s Black Lives Matter protests on Monday morning. During an address to the public at the US Embassy in Pretoria, Julius Malema delivered another fierce tirade against Cyril Ramaphosa, calling him a “bastard” in the process.

The extraordinary rant was picked up by TV cameras broadcasting the event, and undoubtedly, there would have been a few South Africans choking on their Corn Flakes when the airwaves turned blue. Malema also accused Ramaphosa of being ‘adopted by the Mennel Family’, who made their fortune in mining and oil:

This bastard called Cyril sold this country even before he became President. Ramaphosa took Mandela to the Mennel Family. The family that adopted Cyril.”

Julius Malema continued to crank-up the rhetoric, explaining that he’d already faced ‘white supremacy’ on Monday morning. He claims to have an altercation with a very famous look-alike, before going back for another dig against Cyril Ramaphosa – the ghosts of Marikana continue to haunt the president.

“When we came here in the morning, a look-alike of the US president tried to stop us from kneeling in our country. That’s the arrogance of white supremacists. They think they can tell you what to do. We are one family, our borders are an imagination of the colonialists to separate because they fear the power of a United Africa.”

“We must start caring about the lives of black people here in Africa first. Anyone who instructed the killing of people in Marikana has no leg to stand on, they cannot claim that black lives matter… We have assisted with the burial costs of Collins Khosa, they now have SA’s best legal minds fighting for justice for his family.”

Julius Malema

-The South African

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