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WATCH: How to build arm muscles at home



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WATCH: How to build arm muscles at home

Having strong and toned arms is desired by many but getting them doe not come easy, especially when you are at home. While many upper-body exercises involve equipment like dumbbells and barbells, arm exercises without weights are a solid way to put your muscles to the test, too.

The secret to taking the arm moves out of the weight room is modifying them just a bit. Most arm exercises without weights are some version of planks or push-ups, which means they also require you to engage your core, so you’ll work those muscles at the same time.

Strengthen your shoulders and arms with simple, yet effective circular motions for a few minutes will make a difference in your arm strength. Other exercises you can do include tricep dips, bicep curls to push press, and plank sidewalk. To achieve strong, fit, and sculpted arms, there’s no fancy equipment required. Just some household items and enough space for you to move around.



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