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WATCH: AKA regretting going after Cassper’s parents


WATCH: AKA regretting going after Cassper’s parents

Rapper AKA regrets hurling insults at rival Cassper Nyovest’s parents, saying that in the heat of the moment he got carried away but would like to put the incident behind him. Among everything that’s happened during the five-year-long beef between the rappers, AKA insulting Cassper’s parents on Twitter has been the one thing most fans and industry peers have not been able to “get over”.aka and cassper

Speaking to Slikour in an Instagram Live inte“I f**ken make mistakes. I f**k, I say things sometimes that I shouldn’t say,” he began. I think it’s bad that (I insulted Cassper’s parents). I regret cussing the dude’s parents out.aka and cassper1

You know I don’t think I should have done that,” AKA said. The rapper said while he regrets the way it went down, he wanted people to know that at the time, he felt like he was being “aggravated.review, AKA said it was“At the time I felt like I was being aggravated, so you know … I lost my sh**.aka and cass2

I wish I could take it back but I can’t so now I just gotta keep it moving and keep doing my thing. Keep making music, keep making money and keep making people feel entertained, making them laugh, cry and think.

Listen to the brief clip from their interview below. a mistake.


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