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Ukhozi FM Shuts Its Doors After DJ Test Positive For COVID-19

Khathide Tshatha

Ukhozi FM Shuts Its Doors After DJ Test Positive For COVID-19

Ukhozi FM studios in Durban have temporarily shut it’s doors after Khathide ‘Tshatha’ Ngobe tests positive for the Coronavirus.

Tshatha underwent testing and received his results on the 26th of May. He informed the station this morning May 27 during his breakfast show, that indeed he tested positive and is in quarantine.

“I can confirm that I have the coronavirus. I did the tests because I was going to travel. But the place where I was supposed to go requires one to take the coronavirus tests. As a result I did the test and it came back positive.

“Due to the coronavirus I am on quarantine, I am working from home. Otherwise I had no symptoms at all instead I was doing a standard procedure. I can also assure the listeners that I am not dying and I’m not even feeling sick. I think I was lucky that I was diagnosed early,” he explained.

He works almost all days including weekends, leaving the SABC with the task of finding a replacement for the presenter.

After informing management the SABC evacuated it’s staff from the building and radio stations are now working on buses.

SABC Spokesperson Mmoni Seapolela confirmed the new in a form of a statement to Daily Sun. Part of the statement reads: “The affected employee has been working on site since the lockdown and is now under quarantine whilst being closely monitored.

“As a precautionary measure and to ascertain the extent of the risk of exposure of other employees, the office will be temporarily closed. During this time the office will be decontaminated from tomorrow until Thursday. The office is scheduled to reopen on Monday, 1 June 2020 to resume with normal operations. Employees based in that office will be working remotely,” she wrote.



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