Home Mzansi News Two Madala’s Caught Stealing iPhones

Two Madala’s Caught Stealing iPhones

Two Madala's Caught Stealing iPhones

Drama ensues as two elderly men who went on a stealing mission at local phone shops finally get busted.

Two middle-aged men embarked on a mission to steal gadgets from a number of phone stores where they were caught and dealt with.

These men walked into the stores under the guise of being interested in purchasing new gadgets.

Fortunately or unfortunately, they were clueless to the fact that there were CCTV cameras that had been strategically hidden in the shop to detect criminal activities such as these.

They managed to successfully sneak away with a MacBook Pro from the first store they intruded, and attempted to visit another store.

However, they were soon caught up with and dealt with. A very angry man who seemed to be a worker at the store rained slaps and punches on them.

It is currently unknown whether or not the thieves have been handed over to the police.


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