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Comedian Trevor Noah Buys A Stunning R412 Million Mansion

Comedian Trevor Noah Buys A Stunning R412 Million Mansion

Ever since moving to the states, Trevor Noah has acquired so much wealth and his latest purchase is flabbergasted.

The Daily Mail reports that the comedian and television host has recently bought a mansion in Bel-Air and it costs a whopping $27.5 million, which is roughly R412 million.

The Daily Show host has been swimming in cash lately and this latest purchase is proof that Trevor first purchased a breath-taking mansion in Bel-Air for R279 million, which he then sold to purchase his current mansion in Los Angeles, United States Of America.

The Bel-Air mansion is a three-story large Japanese-inspired condo with a white exterior, however it prides itself on having a darker interior. Many windows, however, allow for natural sunlight to enter. The abode has everything you can think of and with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, he basically has all the entertainment he could possibly need.

He also owns a luxury penthouse in Manhattan, New York, which is valued at R130 million. This, according to TMZ.

Trevor has no problem flaunting his wealth but he rarely brags about it. He was spotted wearing a Richard Miles Automatic Flyback Chronograph timepiece and the image went viral on Instagram

The rose gold and titanium watch costs $230,000.00 which equates to R3.98m. However, a local luxury watch importer posted that the watch costs R4.5m.

Trevor evidently has no problem splurging on luxury items or even property. He has a range of watches that range from R120 000 to R400 000.