PROPHET Shepherd Bushiri briefed the public on claims of corruption, rape and attempts to kill him.

His address came after he made allegations against Sanco, the media and the Hawks of trying to extort money from him.

The Enlightened Christian Gathering Church leader said women, over the past three years, had been made to demand money from him and threatened to cry rape.

On Wednesday, two women were interviewed by broadcast channel eNCA on the rape allegations. One claimed she was under some power when Bushiri allegedly took off her clothes and raped her at a hotel.

She claimed he gave her R5 000 and told her to take the money and go.

A second woman said Bushiri asked to meet her at a hotel, and when she got there he was naked.

“After he raped me he told me to take R5 000 from a drawer.”

“He asked me to take my clothes off. I was afraid. I didn’t know what to do,” she said.

“After he raped me he told me to take R5 000 from a drawer.”

Bushiri denied both rape allegations, saying the Hawks had intimidated the women to lay charges against him.

Addressing the public, Bushiri said this was part of a plot to tarnish and defame his name.

He said people had demanded money from him in 2018 and had threatened to have him arrested. He said there were also many attempts to kill him.

“I reported all this, but till today nothing’s been done,” he said.

He said he reported the blackmailing and extortion allegations to several state institutions in 2018, but police did nothing.

“To be exact, on or at about 15 February 2018, I met national police commissioner General Khehla Sithole, who referred me to the minister of state security agency, whom I then met on 25 February 2018.

“Hearing my story, he involved the former director-general of SSA. I then also met the inspector-general of intelligence and Ipid. But up to now I’m still waiting.”

He told his supporters he was not going to run away.

“I believe in the justice system of South Africa. If I run away I’ll be running away from the justice system.

“I won’t leave this country until my name is cleared and all the allegations are put to bed.”

Bushiri said he fears nothing.

He asked his followers to pray for him and his family.

“Together we can defeat anything – all the spiritual forces standing against us,” he said.

According to Bushiri, the women accusing him of rape had been recruited.

“Some of the girls secretly came to us, demanding various amounts ranging from R50 000 to R2 million for their masters in order to stop the story from being aired by e.tv. We recorded them,” he said.

He shared videos of all the incidents he claims proved he’s innocent and that there are people after him.

Brigadier Hungwani Mulaudzi told the SunTeam earlier the Hawks were not aware of the allegations. He said Bushiri should open a case
against those implicated.

The spokesman for the national police commissioner, Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo, said Sitole didn’t remember meeting with Bushiri.

He said the only time the commissioner may have met him was with other religious leaders, but not with him one on one as the prophet had claimed.

“He needs to provide a confirmation of our meeting with him, or present a case number,” he said.

Bushiri failed to provide Daily Sun with a case number, or a confirmation of his meetings with law-enforcement officials.

Source | Daily Sun