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The Reason Why Bongo Maffin’s Stoan Seete is refocusing his career away from music exposed


The Reason Why Bongo Maffin’s Stoan Seete is refocusing his career away from music exposed

For the first time in his career, Bongo Maffin’s Stoan Seete has had to admit that music can no longer provide for his family’s financial future.

Stoan shared his thoughts via a thread on Twitter where he spoke out about the current state of the entertainment industry during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“For the first time in my 25-year career, I have to admit that my family’s financial future no longer lies in the music entertainment industry. This is a heartbreaking admission for me to make, especially after investing more than half my life and best years in this, but it’s the truth,” he wrote.

He added that he didn’t see himself at his age trying to rebuild a music career where he should be reaping the rewards.

He explained that the entertainment industry and hospitality sector were the hardest hit by the pandemic and will be the last to recover.

“I’ve seen what the government tried to do, but we all know it’s not even nearly enough. I don’t see the proportionality reflected in the minister’s efforts.”

Speaking to ZiMetro News, Stoan confirmed that he was “refocusing his energies and resources” away from the music industry to help him survive this period.

“Knowing that crowds are only going to be let out … in level 2 or 1, that says to me that we are not going to see a recovery in our industry [for] something from nine months to a year.

“So life goes on and bills need to be paid. Children need warm winter clothes, with winter around the corner … One has to make decisions that are obvious and right now it’s quite clear: the music industry is going to suffer for the foreseeable future.”

While some artists are pushing their music on streaming platforms, Stoan explained that the real money is in live performances. But with gatherings banned, he has partnered with a few brands to generate some income.

“There are companies I am working with now. I’ve got a good partnership I have with Magents lifestyle apparel. We are creating masks that will be selling. I’ve got a new TV show that’s coming up on Mzansi magic. And property development … is another area that I’m going in to.”

Dumelang . Today is my 45th birthday and this year I’m also celebrating 25 years in music and entertainment. I feel blessed that God has given me so much life and has brought me this far. And As some of you might have noticed, I have been off social media for a few weeks. pic.twitter.com/oOpgItv1RR

-ZiMetro News


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