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The Best Betgames you Should try in 2020


The Best Betgames you Should try in 2020

Ideally, betgames use a dynamic, live lottery-style approach, where everything depends on luck, making it a great option for recreation. The catch in the Betway online betgames is in the turnaround time, as results are turned in every 3-5 minutes. What makes betgames unique is the fact that they combine the regular fixed odds style in ordinary sports betting with the gambling-style numbered lottery balls.

Since the launch of the online gaming market, we have witnessed a lot of changes in concepts, which has resulted in a variety of new gaming options. Betgames is one of the many inventions of the new era and has been growing rapidly into the mainstream. Betway offers a variety of entertaining betgames for the fans, in addition to the classicals, and the ordinary sports betting opportunities.

Available betgames you should try

Lucky 7 (7 out of 42)

This is a very dynamic lottery-based gaming concept, where players are given a wide range of betting outcomes. The profits can be huge; as winning bets can give returns of more than two thousand times the amount staked.

How to play

Only 7 winning balls out of 42 are drawn into the game tube, where a draw is considered to have occurred when 7 winning balls are selected. When it occurs that more than 7 balls find themselves in the tube, only the first seven balls are picked.

In the game, there is only one betting round, with players placing their bets on all available outcomes for the draw to be done in every five minutes.

Lucky 6 (6 out of 60)

Lucky 6 is another dynamic lottery-based game you might need to try out. There are several betting outcomes on offer for the players.

How to play

Here, 6 winning balls out of a maximum of 60 are randomly put into the game machine cylinders. Winning balls are determined from left to right by the machine cylinders, with the cylinder to the left considered first.

There is only one betting round, with a betting round taking place in-between game draws, and lasting about four minutes. Game draws run every 5 minutes.

Lucky 5 (5 out of 36)

Lucky 5 is another lottery-based dynamic game where players are offered a variety of betting outcomes. Wining bets on Betway Lucky 5 offer massive profit returns of up to a thousand times more than the staked amount.

How to play

In this game, 5 winning balls are drawn randomly into the game machine cylinders, with the winning balls determined by the cylinders. The first cylinder is the one to the left. For a draw to take place, players are allowed only one betting round. A betting round takes about 4 minutes, while draws are conducted after every 5 minutes daily.

Dice Duel

This is simply a dice-rolling game where a wide variety of selections can be made.

How to play

There are two dice, blue and red, numbered between 1 and 6. The presenter puts them into a dice box, shuffles, and rolls them on the table. They can only be rolled once in a draw except only when a roll needs to be repeated. A roll is complete when the two dice stand on one of their sides, and make a clear dice combination. The draw result is the two dice combination determined by the pip numbers on the top and the color of the dice after they have been rolled on the game table.

Wheel of Fortune

This is a fast-paced, and yet very simple live game where you’ll find clear betting options.

How to play

In the Wheel of Fortune, the presenter spins the wheel counter-clockwise, and then clockwise with a light stroke. It can only be spun once in a single draw, except in rare incidences where the spin must be repeated. The spin is considered valid when the wheel makes a minimum of 3 full clockwise spins. The result is determined by the symbol or the sector’s number where the pointer lands when the wheel stops.

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