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‘Staying Home and having fun makes me look great ‘says Amanda Du-Pont

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To date she is one of the most amazing actress Mzansi will ever have, The way she blends in characters is just amazing. Currently, on Skeem Saam, she is playing the villain role as Lelo trying to steal Mapitsi’s idea and opening a company that will cause havoc for turflop. And we are all keen to see how it will all go as Mapitsi is after her. But so far so good for her she seems to be getting good at convincing everyone won’t that she is the good guy.Amanda du pont1

The co-star of the hit Netflix drama Shadow where she plays the supporting act of being the hottie girlfriend of Shadow played by Isibaya’s hunk Pallace Dhladhla. Amanda is quite an interesting person. Her career says it all she has moved from glory to glory climbing the ladder very well.Amanda-du-Pont4

However, on reality Amanda is the sweetest thing you will ever come across with. She is totally different from her characters especially Lelo the character she plays on Skeem Saam. She is a down to earth human being and possesses stunning body goals and she is always gushing about her babe whom she seems to can’t live without.

And this brings me to my main topic of the day. Du-Pont is taking advantage of the lockdown to spent more time with the love of her life and its evident that its yielding good results for her.

Du-pont the actress is all-glowing and happy, just a look at her recent posts you will know that love is in the air and things are really flowing for her. Just take a look at the pictures above and below and tell me you don’t see what I’m talking about.Amanda-du-Pont-

Source – ZA NewsOnline

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