Home Mzansi News South African citizens demand Justice for Samkelo Ngcobo as #JusticeForSamkelo trends

South African citizens demand Justice for Samkelo Ngcobo as #JusticeForSamkelo trends


South African citizens demand Justice for Samkelo Ngcobo as #JusticeForSamkelo trends

Samkelo Ngcobo (21) from Umlazi, Kwa-Zulu Natal South Africa has spent over a year in prison for armed robbery. His family is requesting the authorities to revisit the crime he allegedly committed as they argue that he was kidnapped during the time the crime was committed.

His family believes Samkelo was arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. It is alleged that he is a forced accomplice to a crime. South Africans have started #JusticeForSamkelo.

The family believes their son is in prison because of the justice system of South Africa that did not fully investigate the case.

According to a friend of the family, Samkelo got hijacked while on his shift as an Uber driver. The hijackers reportedly kidnapped him and forced him to accompany them on a mission to rob a petrol station.

The reaction unit called by the petrol station came to the scene and found Samkelo and one accused robber in the car parked at the service station. Two accused robbers who are reported to have left the car for the service station fled the scene and are still on the run.

The family friend reveals that Samkelo has not to be sentenced as yet. He has tried to get assistance from UBER South Africa in vain. The owner of the car he was driving on a fateful day chipped in and provided money to hire a lawyer, but he has since stopped assisting due to financial constraints. Sam’s mother is requesting assistance from well-wishers to assist her son.

There is no chance that Samkelo would commit the crime as he was waiting for his results to join the Metro police. He had gone for an interview two days before,” said his friend who started the Justice for Samkelo trend.

In the clip below Samkelo’s brother gives his account of what took place on the day of the robbery.

The system is harsh on young black boys from eKasi like Samkelo because they cannot afford proper representation I’m sure evidence was not properly considered in this case. Samkelo’s mother is said to have gone bankrupt trying to get her son released from prison.

Remember how we were wowed by Korey Wise’s Story it has now happened to one of our own. 21 year old Samkelo Ngcobo of Umlazi. Justice For Samkelo.



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