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South African Women Yet Again Declare Undying Love For Zimbabwean Men!…Again



South African Women Yet Again Declare Undying Love For Zimbabwean Men!…Again

Zimbabwean men are definitely enjoying their fair share of the limelight with South African women swooning over them, on social media.

The Zimbabwean men must definitely have that ‘Je ne sais quoi‘ as the SA sisters can’t get enough of them and are forever singing them praises.If there was an award for the hottest men in the region, Zimbabwean men would definitely give everyone a run for their money Watch out fellas.zim men2

zim boyfiend tweetSocial media influencer and writer Malaika Mahlatsi who’s occasionally dedicated her social media to praise her Zim lover and Zim men in general took her time to remind us all about the awesomeness of Zim men in case we have forgotten.It seemed the comments seemed to agree with her views with some giving her the props.


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Hiphop star Reason and showbiz personality LootLove’s dreamy relationship has come t the end of the road.

When asked for comment, they both confirmed the break up.” Sizwe and I have separated but we continue to partner gracefully in raising our…full details

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