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Somizi opens up on his marriage with hubby Mohale


There is nothing perfect in this world and like any other living human being on earth, Somhale are also not perfect, here and there, they have some challenges!

It’s no secret that married life isn’t all puppies and rainbows, and one couple who can attest to that is one of Mzansi’s most fabulous married couples, Somizi and Mohale.

The pair tied the knot in a fabulously star-studded wedding ceremony that premiered on ShowMax as one of Mzansi’s first wedding specials. Like every celebrity marriage, the pair have been rocked by many rumours which include cheating and divorce.

In a recent interview on 947 with Anele Mdoda, Somizi opened up about the current challenges that his marriage is currently facing, and how the circulating rumours have affected his relationship with his husband.

According to the reality star, his marriage is just like every marriage out there. in the sense that it has its ups and downs and currently they have been going through a rocky phase as expected with a newly married couple.


“Right now we are facing that one-year challenge in a marriage,” he said.

Somizi proudly admitted that his marriage is currently at that bittersweet stage, however, he is not ashamed of it because it’s who he is, just like every other flaw that has been pointed out by the media making an example of an old photo of when he was sick that keeps resurfacing on Twitter.

“There’s one thing that I pride myself with, and that is that I’m proud of all my flaws,” he said.

In closing, Somizi expressed that if it so happened that his marriage doesn’t work out he still would have succeeded as that would have meant that he faced the reality of leaving an unhappy place, which is something many people find hard to do.