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She will suffer, she messed with a wrong family – Sad Mom curses former Uzalo actress Nokuthula Mabika for life


She will suffer, she messed with a wrong family – Sad Mom curses former Uzalo actress Nokuthula Mabika for life

Former Uzalo actress, Nokuthula Mabika, is still not off the hook regarding the car accident that left a victim permanently paralyzed. allegedly left them with permanent pain, they put their last trust to the justice system.

But seven months later, Sanele Maphalala’s family has given up hope of getting justice.Sanele was knocked down by a car believed to have been driven by the actress.
Nine months after the accident, the family claim they don’t know if the case is still on, and that Nokuthula was never held accountable.mabika1

Sunday Sun reported last year that Sanele’s mum Sibongile Maphalala opened a case at the KwaMashu Police Station, hoping justice would be served, but nothing has been done.
But judging from her disappearance from the small screen, the sad family is certain karma is serving justice for them.

Speaking to Sunday Sun, Sanele’s mum said Nokuthula, who played Thobile in the SABC1 telenovela, will forever have a dark cloud hanging over her head.“My son had a bright future ahead of him. He had dreams just like any other child growing up.mabika2

“But everything vanished, just like that,” she said.“This is not over. Nokuthula can think she has won, but I can tell you she’ll suffer.“I always pray that God and my ancestors avenge my son.”

The 18-year-old Sanele suffered severe head injuries and ended up in a coma in August last year. after he was knocked over by the car. The incident changed the Grade 11 pupil’s life, as he’s now mentally disturbed and walks on crutches.

Sunday Sun reported last year that after the accident, Nokuthula rushed the boy to the local clinic, paid R150, and disappeared into thin air.“Nokuthula is roaming the streets like nothing has ever happened.“But after her exit from Uzalo, I never saw her acting in any TV other production.mabika3

“She might think this is nothing, but she doesn’t know how strong our ancestors are.“I tell you, that girl will suffer for the rest of her life.“She messed with the wrong family. S“My son has no future because of her, and she must forget that she will ever he’ll never find inner peace until she humbles herself and comes here to apologise and show she’s remorseful.

“Coming here won’t bring back my son’s normal life, but at least it’d do something in our hearts,” said Sibongile. The sad mum said she now relies on neighbours for Sanele’s food, as his condition requires a special diet.“He doesn’t eat anything because of his condition. A doctor wrote the kind of food that he must take on a daily basis and it’s expensive.“We now rely on the neighbours to help us buy him food. No one is employed in this family.

“We only survive through the children’s support grant.”Nokuthula is one of KZN’s artists who have partnered with the KZN Creative Industry Forum and Action Development Agency to donate food to 13 000 households throught the national lockdown period.

But Sibongile believes the actress might be doing this to attract the public eye.“Nokuthula isn’t thinking of us when she’s donating food to the poor. We’re victims of her reckless action. If she sympathized with us, she should have donated food to Sanele at least,” said Sibongile. Nokuthula was not available for comment. She also failed to respond to our SMSes and WhatsApp messages.



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