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Scandal actress Masasa Mbangeni loves how Bongile Mantsai touches her body during their S.e.x scenes




Scandal actress Masasa Mbangeni loves how Bongile Mantsai touches her body during their S.e.x scenes

Among the bad, there is always 1 or 2 of something good that comes out of it, it can not be completely 100% bad. Talking of the entertainment industry, in the acting sector, we have heard countless cases of actresses complaining about consent onset but there are still some respectful men in the industry.

Scandal actress Masasa Mbangeni took to twitter to give a shout out to her soapie co-star and on-screen partner Bongile Mantsai, who always makes it a point to consult Mbangeni about her level of comfort before every intimate scene.Masasa-Mbangeni-and-Bongile-Mantsai1

According to Mbangeni this undoubtedly makes Mantsai hands down one of the best males in the industry to work with.

Bongile Mantsai is one of the best men to act with. During an intimate scene blocking he will go: what are your boundaries? Do you feel safe being touched here and here ( signaling on HIS body) then he will look you in the eye and say “let’s play.” I wish him for everyone” she wrote.Masasa-Mbangeni-and-Bongile-Mantsai-scaled

The actress continued to sing praises for Mantsai on social media saying that he is the most amazing man she has ever worked with among the numerous equally amazing and talented males she has worked with in her career and she only wish’s the best for him.

“Truly the most amazing man I have ever worked with and I have worked with some amazing men! May G*d bless and keep him” Masasa said.



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