Home local S.A’s first drive-thru strip club experience has opened its doors

S.A’s first drive-thru strip club experience has opened its doors


S.A’s first drive-thru strip club experience has opened its doors

Level 3 of lockdown is a different kettle of fish, isn’t it? What is believed to be South Africa’s first drive-thru strip club experience has opened its doors in Port Elizabeth on Monday, offering beer and snacks alongside the racy dance routines of the performers at Candy’s.

At 10:00 on Monday, the Walmer-based business invited locals to come and sample the innovative experience. Charl Muller, who owns the venue, told local publication The Herald that he is doing everything possible to ensure that his staff can work in a safe and hygienic environment:

“This will provide some fun and at the same time help these girls to earn some much-needed money after a long time sitting at home. We’ll have six girls on at a time and each customer, relaxing in [their] car, can enjoy two songs and a great experience. We’ll keep it clean and professional as far as COVID-19 is concerned.”

The plans are something of a jaw-dropper. Schools are shut and many businesses remain on the scrapheap, yet here we have pole-dancers offering customers a Monday morning ‘pint and a peek’. But how, exactly, will Candy’s provide such a physical service in the age of coronavirus?

The dancers will strip as per their normal routine, but they’re now required to wear face masks.
All workers at Candy’s will be required to socially distance and have their temperatures taken daily.
They will perform on outdoor stages, in an enclosed partition which drivers can park-up next to.
Between 10:00 – 17:00, patrons will be able to buy coffee and snacks from the in-house cafe.
It’ll cost R250 to take-in a live show, and that won’t include the cost of your refreshments.

Although the concept sounds a little crazy, it’s been particularly successful in America. Drive-through strip clubs have been thriving since lockdown began, as the contentious industry finds new ways to survive.

Establishments like Candy’s will always have their critics, but they are still a business with employees who desperately need to make money. The game may have changed, but the hustle remains the same…


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