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Reasons Why Men Love Women With Short Hair

Reasons Why Men Love Women With Short Hair

What do Zozibini Tunzi and Shudufhadzo Musida have in common?

As well as sharing the Miss South Africa title, they’ve both shaped and pioneered a new narrative in the beauty pageant industry forever.

They both embraced their natural crowns in the form of their natural short hair.

They both inspired many to go back to the essence of their true beauty, which got a lot of men smiling.

According to a recent study, women with short hair are associated with different, but not worse aspects of female attractiveness.

Firstly, short hair captures one’s attention.

Short hair stands out from the rest, so men tend to always notice them.

Secondly, a woman with short hair is confident.

Most men are attracted to women with a high self-esteem and short hair immediately lets them know about it.

Lastly, women with short hair have less maintenance.

Think about how long it takes to style longer hair.

It can be a real battle with blow drying, straightening, and curling. Not only that, the cost of styling products and weaves sounds insane to men.