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Proverb wanted to end it all


Rapper and Idols host Proverb, whose real name is Tebogo Thekisho, has revealed in his tell-all memoir, The Book Of Proverb, how he tried to take his own life following a split from his wife Onalerona.

He writes that in 2015 when the divorce happened, he wanted to end it all.

“I hugged my estranged wife and locked myself in the patio, looking at all points of entrance,” he said.

He says he had a bottle of wine and painkillers with him with which he had bought from different pharmacies. After swallowing the pills, he passed out and his brother found him, and rushed him to hospital,” he writes.

He says he tried to take his life because he felt like a failure after his divorce.

“I was emotional, but in my mind I felt quite sane about the plan I was about to execute. I was motivated by my failure to provide a stable home life for my children. The decision to divorce left me with a severe sense of failure and I didn’t want to continue witnessing the disintegration of my family. If I were dead, I wouldn’t have to see my wife and kids leave to start their new life without me,” writes Proverb.