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Prince Kaybee Advises DJs To Stop Doing Live Sets For Free


Prince Kaybee Advises DJs To Stop Doing Live Sets For Free

Award-winning DJ, Prince Kaybee has warned against DJs doing live sets on TV for free. The DJ explained that TV stations should pay the DJs as the viewers don’t have to pay anything.

Prince Kaybee explained that during “this exhausting pandemic its only fair to compensate the art because the stream of income from live shows is no more”. Prince Kaybee went on to explain that at least after the pandemic artists could go back to doing free gigs as then they would have live shows to do.PRINCE KAYBEE

“I also strongly believe that we can still achieve the same results in a free live set compared to a paid one, the only difference is that you will be compensated. Doesn’t mean if they pay you all of a sudden you won’t be exposed,” said Prince Kaybee.


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His thoughts, however, were not received well by everyone for example fellow DJ Euphonik, who reminded Prince Kaybee that no so long ago he was part of a tv show competition for free for 13 weeks.

“You are way too popular and influential to not help other people grow. Why must they not do it? What lessons can you teach besides a loose comment?” asked Euphonik.

Prince Kaybee responded by letting Euphonik know that the “DJ live sets on TV are AFPs (advertiser-funded programming) sponsors pay per episode” and how does it makes sense for everything else involved in creating the show but not pay for the DJ.

“Let’s compare apples with apples, 1s & 2s was competition show, you know coming from the door it’s either you win the cash prize or nothing,” said Prince Kaybee.



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