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Preparations for 2023 Netball World Cup delayed by Covid-19


Preparations for 2023 Netball World Cup delayed by Covid-19

Netball South Africa (NSA) president Cecilia Molokwane has admitted that the outbreak of Covid-19 has delayed their preparations for the 2023 Netball World Cup to be held in Cape Town. Molokwane said though the Local Organising Committee (LOC) and a Project Manager should have been in place by now‚ they remain on course to deliver a magical African Netball World Cup.

“Covid-19 has taken us back because the LOC should have been formed by now and a project manager should have been appointed and here by now if we didn’t have Covid-19‚” she said.

“We should have sat around the table to talk about things. You must remember that some of the things we can’t do them virtually and we have to be realistic about that.”We have to sit around the table and look at each other in the eye to discuss issues and come up with solutions.

“I don’t even know how we are going to do it. Covid-19 has affected us as much as it has affected everybody but I don’t want us to look at it like that.”I want to say how do we do make sure that this is a magnificent and world class African magical World Cup. We are going to make sure that it happens.”

Molokwane went on to say that when life goes back to normal in the coming weeks‚ they will have to move with speed to make up lost ground.“We are hoping that at the end of the Covid-19‚ whatever is needed to be done shall be done.”At the moment‚ we are not just sitting and doing nothing‚ we are having virtual meetings whenever we can.

“Last week Friday we had a meeting with the department of sports that was chaired by the DG to make sure that we look at how far we are and where are we going.“We want to make sure that we make this period of lockdown functional even though we are in an abnormal situation and it is not business as usual.

“However‚ we are on track with 2023 and International Netball Federation (IMF) are happy because we are not missing any deadlines of payments or anything like that.”I always say there is always Plan A‚ B and C‚ so lets’ just pray hard that there is no second wave and we gradually go to normalcy under abnormal circumstances.


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