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Pensioner murder shocks Free State: She was found all chopped up

Pensioner murder shocks Free State: She was found all chopped up.

The person suspected of the grisly crime is the woman’s son, a 31-year-old who took off after his alleged act of violence and was found hiding on a tree branch inside a schoolyard two days later by police. He still has the disturbing memory of seeing the body parts of his sister lying on the floor of her garage.

Speaking to Drum, the man’s uncle, Pastor Mohlomi Kgodumo says he was called to the scene when the crime was discovered because he is the only one living close to his sister’s place. Their other siblings live in Joburg.

He says his 31-year-old nephew is a drug addict and a drunkard who expected everything from his sister. Over the years, the pastor says, his nephew had threatened to kill his mother and he allegedly finally did after the elderly woman got her pension and retirement payout.

Kgodumo recalls the day he was told the horrifying news last Monday, 6 June 2022. He got a call and was told to rush to his sister’s home in Riverside, Free State, he says. As a brother, he did exactly that, not knowing that when he get there he would be shown pieces of his sister’s body, allegedly cut up by her son. The pensioner’s husband walked in while his son was busy stabbing his mother to death, alleges the pastor.

“I walked in the yard,” says Kgodumo. “When I stepped in, this darkness and sadness was overwhelming me. “I found my brother-in-law waiting outside with his siblings. “I wondered what was happening because it was rare for him to call me with such urgency.

“He asked me to pull myself together and prepare myself for what I was about to see because it is scary. “We went inside the garage, and I saw pieces of my sister on the floor. My brother-in-law said to me, ‘Look at what your nephew did?’

“I was lost for words.” Kgodumo says when they stepped outside because it was too much for them to be in that garage, the son followed his father as if he wanted to tell him something, then stabbed him in the stomach.

“When his father tried to enquire about what was happening, the son took out a knife and stabbed him on the stomach and ran off. “While we were still calling for help and his father was lying down, he came back and stabbed him again on his chest. And, as a result, the father is at the hospital with serious stab wounds.

“He didn’t seem like a person who was coming to stab his father, and I think he was doing that so that his father can’t tell us the whole story of what occurred.

“This child has always been greedy and demanded things from my sister. My sister was a teacher and has always encouraged her son to go to school,” says the alleged killer’s uncle. “He has a matric and driver’s license, he said he wanted to go to varsity. But he needed to upgrade to qualify for the type of degree he wanted.

He refused to upgrade and started having bad habits and mixing with the wrong crowd. My sister once told me that his son told her that he will kill her.” The pastor says things got worse after the payout and suspects that this is the son’s way of getting his hands on his mother’s money.

“It is hurting that today we lose someone who was a darling because of money. This boy has been demanding money from my sister ever since he knew that his mother is on pension. “He doesn’t want to go look for a job and his habits are expensive. We are told that he is in the holding cells right now I just have too many questions that I need answers for.”

He adds he is worried about his sister’s young daughter. “Losing a mother is painful and losing your mother in the hands of your brother has to be very traumatic. “This girl won’t be safe because this one might come after her thinking that she got all the money. “The sin in this whole situation is money, the money that she worked hard for, for years.

“My sister was a dedicated teacher who also tried to give her kids the best life.” According to Captain Phumelelo Dhlamini of the SAPS, “Cases of murder and attempted murder were opened and are being investigated.”

The 31-year-old man was nabbed two days later on 8 June 2022 while hiding on top of a tree inside a school yard, says Dhlamini, adding that the murder suspect made a court appearance on 13 June 2022. He is expect to make his formal bail application on 21 June at the Phuthaditjhaba Magistrate’s Court.

Source – Drum

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