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Papa Penny said ‘hell no’ to paying R24k for damages

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Papa Penny said ‘hell no’ to paying R24k for damages

Papa Penny may be extravagant and live a luxurious life, but the reality TV star is still in tune with his roots. Papa Penny Penny made it clear he’s not an easy target when it comes to exploitation, and he proved this in the latest episode of his reality show.

In the latest episode of his show, the musician told fans he loved and accepted all his children, and he always wants to do the right thing as far as African traditions were concerned. Even though Anele (his daughter) is old now, Papa Penny wanted to pay damages for her so that all is well between the families and the ancestors of both families.

However, both Papa Penny and his viewers were shocked when Anele’s uncle asked for R24,000 for damages. The uncle claimed the R24,000 was for two cows as most cultures charge two cows to the father of the child for having “damaged” their daughter.Papa Penny was not about to be charged that much and made sure his representatives knew that.

“I am not paying lobola here. That woman already had kids when I met her. How much did they charge for the other children? They mustn’t be silly,” Papa Penny said, shutting down the outrageous amount. Fans sided with Papa Penny. They also felt the uncle was just trying to milk the opportunity for all the money he could get. The memes came rolling in as fans praised Papa Penny’s reasoning.



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