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Ntsiki Mazwai: I never thought Beyoncé was pretty, she is just a yellow bone

Ntsiki Mazwai critical of men harassing woman dressed in skin revealing clothes

Ntsiki Mazwai: I never thought Beyoncé was pretty, she is just a yellow bone.

Everybody was talking about the Oscar’s on Monday morning and while some were focused on the drama which erupted, Ntsiki decided to divert attention to one of the performers for the evening, Beyoncé.

It wasn’t only Will Smith who decided to chose violence when he slapped fellow actor Chris Rock in front of millions of people. Ntsiki Mazwai also decided violence was the way to go by attacking Beyoncé Knowles, saying she is not as pretty as people make her out to be.

Ntsiki has always been an advocate for natural beauty which is not enhanced by expensive weaves and heavy make up. So she was not going to go easy on Beyoncé.

She laughed and said she has never found Beyoncé pretty, citing light skin privilege as her reason for success. “One more unpopular opinion….I’ve never thought Beyoncé was pretty, just light skin privilege.”

A follower tried to correct her by sharing a portrait of Beyoncé but still she was not convinced and so she said, makeup and weaves, are not her standard of beauty.

Ntsiki then as always, targeted women who wear make up and weaves, and said if they feel as though they feel or look prettier with them, then they possibly look or feel ugly in their own natural state.

The colourism debate always rocks up on the timeline and Ntsiki feels as though the conversation is had and Beyoncé is excluded. Ntsiki has taken aim at some local celebrities as well, and those include Mihlali Ndamase, Bonang Matheba and many others

At first, she took aim at DJ Zinhle saying she sells weaves, so she might as well sell drugs. On Tuesday, 1 June 2021, DJ Zinhle announced that she launched her Hair Majesty by DJ Zinhle and released 15 Peruvian weaves.

Source – ZAlebs

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