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Ntsiki Goes After ‘White Capital Celebs’


Ntsiki Goes After’ White Capital Celebs’

Black Coffee‘s twar with Prince Kaybee brought out a side his fans never expected. Coffee resorted to using a racial slur directed at Prince Kaybee and the internet was not feeling it.

They looked at his fame and how he acquired it making certain aspects come to light about how he also capitalized on being white people’s favourite DJ. Ntsiki Mazwai had a lot to say about the incident that shook Twitter, and as always she had no filter.

She also gunned for Bonang as she has been vocal about how she acquired her fortune and should not be labelled as ‘black excellence’. Euphonik also caught the end of the stick because he also partook in shading Prince by indirectly calling him a ‘modern day yes baas.’

Starting off her rant, she highlighted the ‘irony’ in Coffee’s tweet by saying his whole career was boosted because of the support from white people.”But the irony of #blackcoffee calling others house ni***rs when his entire career was parachuted by white management…awkward. Even Euphonik forgets he comes from 5fm equivalent to a DA black. Watching their ignorance on display was embarrassing to say the least,” she wrote.

Ntsiki has always lambasted black celebrities who are labelled ‘black excellence’ however their careers were ‘boosted’ by white people. One star who has always been under her radar is Bonang who has worked with top companies such as Woolworths to sell her lingerie line. The bead artist also called out Trevor Noah as the number 1 celeb who’s career got boosted for having white people in his corner.

“It’s like white funders give nice things to one or two of us…then we get distracted and call it black excellence. And act like clowns around people who are mere puppets and making money for white people,” she said.


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