Home local North West man arrested for s.e.xually abusing a dog

North West man arrested for s.e.xually abusing a dog


North West man arrested for s.e.xually abusing a dog

Animal protection group the SPCA has taken in a female dog that was reportedly being s.e.xually abused by its owner, who has been arrested. In a statement, the SPCA said a tip-off about the act of bestiality was reported at the Mareetsane police station in the North West.

Police swiftly alerted the SPCA and took immediate action.“The special investigations unit could not only guide the investigation that followed but also dispatch a national inspector to rescue the victim and properly handle the scene evidence and oversee the sample collection. This resulted in the arrest of the perpetrator, his bail being denied and the docket being completed swiftly,” the organisation said.


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