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Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari gets samples of Madagascar virus potion




Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari gets samples of Madagascar virus potion

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari on Saturday received samples of a herbal concoction that Madagascar claims can cure people infected with the new coronavirus, his office said.

Buhari who collected the potion from President Umaro Sissoco Embalo of Guinea Bissau who visited him in Abuja said the native remedy would be scientifically tested before use. We have our institutions, systems and processes in the country.

Any such formulations should be sent to them for verification,” he said. I will not put it to use without the endorsement of our institutions,” he added. The virus has so far infected 5,445 people and claimed 171 lives in Africa’s most populous nation of 200 million ihabitants.

Several other African nations have also expressed interest in the purported remedy, which is known as COVID-Organics. The drink is derived from artemisia – a plant with proven efficacy in malaria treatment – and other indigenous herbs.buhari

But the World Health Organization has warned against “adopting a product that has not been taken through tests to see its efficacy”, and the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention has also said it should be “tested rigorously”. Madagascar leader Andry Rajoelina on Monday dismissed criticisms against the herbal concortion, saying the West was against it because it was discovered in Africa.

Madagascar’s official body in charge of drug control has not approved the drink for sale in the country. Coronavirus Hotline Number: 0800 029 999 from 8am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday Help protect your loved ones by sharing this official South African government COVID-19 service with your family, friends and community.

Send HI to 0600 123 456 on WhatsApp. The NICD has another Clinician Hotline to improve #COVID19 communication and support for healthcare providers. The Clinician Hotline is 0800 11 1131, operating 24 hrs. The Public Hotline is 0800 029 999 also operating 24hrs



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