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Mzansi react to emergency braai

Mzansi react to emergency braai

South Africans are quite a creative bunch. Most know how to “MacGyver” any situation they come across or in simple terms, South Africans can make something out of nothing. That’s exactly what happened at a recent get-together.

While it may be a shock to some Saffas, not everyone owns a braai stand. But this didn’t affect a group of friends as a wheelbarrow came to the rescue. A piece of metal with squares in it was placed over a fire in the wheelbarrow.

The meat was placed on top of that and there you have it, a makeshift-wheelbarrow braai.

Musa captioned his post that was shared to the #ImStaying group:

“Wheelbarrow came to the rescue. To eternal friends #WeStaying.”

He received tons of different responses to the unique braai stand. zanewsonline.co.za compiled a few of the top comments below:

Wageng said:

“You can’t beat Mzansi’s creativity and its crazy people.”
Lwazi Kay wrote:

“Thanks for the idea… You must patent it.”
Dune Mac Donald commented:

“Ous make a plan. Us Africans can braai anywhere with anything and in any weather.”

Gideon De Jonge added:

“Braai is a braai. No matter what or how.”