Home Entertainment Mzansi celebs who once fought for a man

Mzansi celebs who once fought for a man

Mzansi celebs who once fought for a man

Mzansi celebs who once fought for a man

In recent years Mjolo the pandemic has taken centre stage, and the pandemic hasn’t spared female celebrities too.

We can all agree that women sometimes feel the need to fight over men, and it isn’t just us commoners either – celebrities do it too!

Sometimes the man they are fighting for is a total dud, which makes us wonder, what on earth were they thinking? We’re pretty sure that they don’t even know. When those instincts kick in, rational thinking goes out the window, and all that we are left with is a ridiculous catfight over an appalling man.

However, some of the men are worth fighting for. Because we all love a good catfight, female celebrities fought for the same man.

Zodwa Wabantu and Kelly Khumalo

A few months ago, the two took swipes at each other. Wabantu revealed that Mbau is HIV positive during their nasty confrontation.

Mzansi female celebs who once fought for a man

Their relationship turned south when Khanyi Mbau discovered that Zodwa Wabantu was be sleeping with her ex-husband, Mandla Mthembu, while the two were still married.

It is rumoured that Mthembu has children with both women. Zodwa once pulled a shocker on Zodwa Wabantu Uncensored Season 1 when she claimed that Mandla Mthembu was the father of his son. However, she later swept the comment under the carpet and indicated that it was to bring a vibe to the show.

Mzansi was confused because Mbau once indicated that Mthembu had more affection for Zodwa than her despite being a married man. Mandla has since called it quits with Zodwa and Mbau, but their feud seems far from being over.

During the fiery confrontation, Khanyi Mbau accused controversial dancer and businesswoman Zodwa of infecting her with HIV/AIDS since she was sleeping with her ex.

Norma Gigaba and Buhle Mkhize

After Norma tied the knot with Former Minister Gigaba, the couple already had trouble in paradise. Norma had insecurities that led to a public spat with her husband’s then mistress, Buhle Mkhize.

Rumour has it that Norma confronted Buhle about the alleged affair she had with her husband and told her “where to get off”.

Things heated up, and a catfight played out on Instagram. Buhle indicated that Norma had sent her a message on Instagram, calling her a prostitute and a fake loser in the mix of things. Well, it looks like Infidelity was the reason behind their split.

Cyan Boujee and Beverly

Barely a year ago, influencer Cyan Boujee took it to social media to blast her friend Beverly for allegedly having an affair with DJ Maphorisa after having slept with numerous men.

Cyan went as far as uploading screenshots of their chats where Beverly had revealed that she is dating DJ Maphorisa. The two took swipes at each other on social media, and DJ Maphorisa was implicated in the scandal.

Winnie Ntshaba and Palesa Madisakwane

Their catfight made all sorts of headlines after it was alleged that their fallout came after fighting over businessman Nico Matlala. The business mogul was rumoured to be spending more time with Winnie after his breakup with Palesa’ssa, and Mzansi was even more convinced that they saw each other.

Despite sharing a series of pictures claiming that they were friends, Mzansi was not convinced. A few weeks after daring rumours, it was established that Winnie and Nico were dating ande even shared the side of the bed and recorded the whole ordeal.

Zinhle and Bonang

It was a love triangle that got Mzansi talking. No doubt you can not speak of female celebrities fighting over a man with implicating DJ Zinhle and Bonang into the equation.

After rapper AKA had moved on from both of the ladies, fans suggested Bonang should reconcile with DJ Zinhle, but Bonang’s response indicated she was not having it and not planning to make up with the DJ.

Looking back, Bonang is the one who allegedly did Zinhle wrong by dating her baby daddy when she was still pregnant and continued after the baby was born.

The two have often confronted each other in recent years.

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