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Mysterious bomb blows up Cape Town man

SCENE: Police inspect the car in Umbrellabird Road, Pelican Park. Picture: Leon Knipe

Mysterious bomb blows up Cape Town man

Police are probing the origins of a bomb that exploded in Pelican Park on Tuesday night, resulting in one man being blown up and two others injured.

Residents living on Umbrellabird Road got a moerse skrik when a loud bang was heard and the mangled remains of a man’s body was found in the passenger seat of a stolen car.

Gruesome videos taken at the scene show the man’s detached leg lying in the street, while inside the car, only his chest and head remained intact.

Grassy Park SAPS’ Dawood Laing says cops were called to the scene shortly after 9pm.

“They were driving a white Mazda that was hijacked in Kraaifontein and it is unclear who they are or why they came to Pelican Park,” says Laing.

“His limbs were blown off and his leg was found outside the car. There were two other people in the car with him but they ran away.”

He adds: “We are note sure what the explosive device was but it was definitely not a pipe bomb and not a hand grenade as there would’ve been shrapnel. They had a firearm in the car which also exploded as well as ammunition.”

Laing says detectives and residents at the scene could not identify the dead man.

“Our detectives do not know him as one of the local skollies in that area and that vehicle is not known to us. It appears that he either had the device between his legs or by his feet. There aren’t any drug merts in that road so we are not sure if they planned to throw that device at a house.

“There are lots of questions around this incident and at this stage an inquest docket has been opened. We are also visiting hospitals searching for the two remaining victims as we believe they must also have been injured.”

While attending the scene, cops were informed that an e-hailing cab driver was hijacked and stabbed in the neck in the area.

Laing says the man was rushed to hospital and his current condition is unknown.

It is not yet clear if the two incidents are related.

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