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Son shots mother to death during a family argument


Son shots mother to death during a family argument

A Mpumalanga man is under arrest after firing a fatal shot at his own mother when she tried to intervene during a heated argument he was engaged in. Provincial police commissioner Lt-Gen Mondli Zuma said the 30-year-old man had used an illegal firearm in the shooting at Kabokweni outside Nelspruit.

Preliminary inquiries showed that on Wednesday last week, the man, his wife and another woman believed to be his friend had a heated argument.“The argument between the three escalated and the man’s mother, who was in another room with her other children, heard the commotion and sought to intervene.

“She tried to calm the situation. However, her son, who had a firearm on him, fired a shot which struck his mother.”

The 59-year-old victim’s daughter found her mom lying on the ground. She was rushed to the hospital but certified dead on arrival. After police were alerted, they searched for the victim’s son and found him in possession of an unlicensed firearm as well as ammunition.

Zuma said “police questioned him about the events on that fateful day but he failed to give clear answers”. The suspect is expected to appear at the Kabokweni magistrate’s court on Monday, on charges of murder, possession of a firearm and ammunition without a licence as well as defeating the ends of justice.

General Zuma said: “The issue of proliferation of firearms remains a concern factor as it has devastating effects.“We encourage members of the public to report anyone who is unlawfully in possession of a firearm and/or ammunition regardless of whether you are related to the person or not. In order for a person to possess a firearm, they must have a valid licence.”

A firearms amnesty was launched in November last year, to encourage gun owners to hand in their weapons at their nearest police station. Zuma encouraged people to do so.



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