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Miss Palestine wears prisoner jumpsuit at Miss Global beauty pageant

Miss Palestine Lauren Imseeh

Miss Palestine wears prisoner jumpsuit at Miss Global beauty pageant.

According to the Siasat Daily publication, Imseeh appeared in a prisoners dress during the traditional dress segment of the competition, which allows for contestants to choose a special traditional dress in order to introduce their home country.

Miss Palestine Lauren Imseeh took the opportunity on a global stage to highlight the issue of prisoners in the Israeli occupation at this year’s Miss Global competition held in Bali.

The Miss Global beauty pageant is an annual event for single women between the ages of 18 and 35. “I was looking forward to my national custom for miss global this year. Unfortunately, I will not be able to wear it and I will choose a different one,” said Imseeh in a social media post.

“This year I focused on the message more than the outfit itself, this is why I chose the Palestinian political prisoners outfit to represent all of Palestine, to show how we are all imprisoned in our own land,” she said. Meanwhile, on the day of the national costume event, Imseeh stepped out in an outfit made up of the four colours of the Palestinian flag with a crown of white pigeon feathers.

Imseeh said the olive branches and pigeons symbolise the hope and solidarity “that my people cling to”, while the two colours, red and black from the flag, represents the pain they face every day.

“Raising that flag up high cause I am a proud Palestinian woman. Once again, you guys have filled me with love and support. I can’t thank you enough,” said Imseeh. “Let’s show the world the beautiful side of Palestine and what we women are capable of! No matter what the result is, I feel like I have already won, I won your love and support, and for me, this is the biggest win and blessing,” she added.

Source – IOL News

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