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Meet Mzansi’s Fast Rising Actor Who Has Stolen Zozibini Tunzi’s Heart

Meet Mzansi’s Fast Rising Actor Who Has Stolen Zozibini Tunzi’s Heart

Meet Mzansi’s Fast Rising Actor Who Has Stolen Zozibini Tunzi’s Heart

Meet South Africa’s fast-rising actor who has stolen the hearts of many, including Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi’s. Siceleo Buthelezi, more popularly known as Teddy in Mzansi Magic’s drama series Gomora is still basking in his newly found fame.

After getting props for his acting prowess from queen Zozi, you can’t quite blame him.

Last month, Zozibini was gushing over the actor on social media and revealed that she was in love with the role he portrays on the show.

Soon after Zozi’s post, the pair had a brief heart-warming exchange on social media which sent social media into a frenzy. Star-struck, Buthelezi could not contain himself and struggled to find words to express his joy and appreciation.

In a recent interview with Drum magazine, the young talented actor opened up on how he is still coming to terms with his overnight celebrity status.

‘I don’t know how to act so when people stop me to ask if I am Teddy from Gomora I say ‘no, we just look alike’. It’s especially confusing for them now that we are on lockdown because I let my beard grow and I have a moustache. They believe me because Teddy has a clean-shaven face on TV.’

Sicelo plays the role of a young boy (Teddy) with special needs who has an alcoholic mother who always embarrasses him. He struggles with reading and as a result, he failed Grade 9 two years running, and eventually got pushed through. In the interview, Buthelezi revealed that he had to dig deeper to be true to his character and show that people with disabilities are not much different from everyone else.

‘It is also important for me to show that even though a kid may have special needs in one way, they are not only that. There are other sides to them and they also are multi-dimensional, like everyone else.’

Buthelezi says that the acting bug bit him at an early stage in his life and knew that he wanted to pursue an acting career.

‘I was 15-years-old when I first knew I wanted to act. For me to land this character, I saw an Open Audition post by Seriti Films on Instagram and I sent them my Acting CV and after a few weeks they called me to come for an audition,’ he said



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