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Man wakes up tired every morning after a long night of having S.e.x with a yellowbone & slay queen Tokoloshe


Man wakes up tired every morning after a long night of having S.e.x with a yellowbone & slay queen Tokoloshe

Every night he’s seduced by a yellowbone slay queen. And the slay queen has long hair and small round eyes with a nice well-shaped nose. But the slay queen only visits him at night because it’s a tokoloshe! And, according to Vusumuzi Mkhwanazi, the tokoloshe knows how to treat a man.

“It has soft hands and a sweet kiss,” he said. But Vusumuzi said he didn’t want the tokoloshe in his life. He said it seduced him almost every night while he slept.

The creature had been terrorizing him for a year.“I’ve kept quiet for some time, thinking it will stop. But it continues to bother me,” he said. The 32-year-old from Amanda Park in Mamelodi East, Tshwane, said he’s since been having a cosy relationship with the yellowbone slay queen.

“No one can resist such love from a beautiful slay queen.“I feel as if I’m sleeping with a real woman whenever she visits me at midnight wearing tight clothes. I wake up tired in the morning,” he said.

Vusumuzi, who’s originally from Moloto in Mpumalanga, said he wanted the slay queen tokoloshe to leave him in peace. He said he’s a mean beast in the sheets, and that’s why the tokoloshe enjoys being with him.

“The slay queen visits me any night it wants and leaves me weak and vulnerable,” he said. It acted as if they were in a relationship.“When it visits it first kisses me, holds me with its soft hands, and touches me all over,” he said.

He said the slay queen also demanded his attention. He said the tokoloshe chased away a good woman.“My girlfriend and I fought for no reason, and I believe this is the work of the tokoloshe.“My girlfriend accused me of calling out a woman’s name and acting funny while we slept at night. She even accused me of cheating and left me.”

Vusumuzi has a three-year-old son with his ex. Daily Sun tried to reach her with no luck. He was looking for help to get rid of the tokoloshe before it destroyed his future.“I’d be happy if someone helped me chase it away as I need my space and a woman in my life,” he said.

Community leader Thabo Moshabela (38) said Vusumuzi approached them for help with the matter. “Two weeks ago he told me the tokoloshe was bothering him at night and asked for help.“We’ll be happy if he gets help because he’s suffering. He’s become one of us in the community,” he said.

Sangoma Dorah Nkwana (51) said: “His place must be cleansed to chase the tokoloshe away as it is destroying his life. He will struggle to have a woman until the tokoloshe is chased away.”

-Daily Sun

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