NERTHERLANDS based diva Vimbai Zimuto believes love is a remedy needed in such trying times. She said the ongoing Covid-19-induced global lockdown has also come as a blessing for couples as they will spend more time together.

The versatile entertainer opened up ahead of the release of her romantic video for the single Handigone.

It is due for release today at 10am.

It will be launched on her YouTube channel, while prestigious television channels are to premiere the video.

Laden with steamy and erotic scenes, Vimbai roped in the services of South Africa based actor, comedian and voice artiste Leeroy Gopal, who starred with absolute finesse.

Vimbai said the video will be a painkiller to most couples on lockdown.

“Handigone is a soulful love/bedroom song that soothes two souls who love each other.

“Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most loved ones found themselves literally home together spending more time together.

“In short, this song helps their love drive to get through the pandemic, and a realisation that this is another part of their love journey.

“Despite the struggles she encounters, the lady reassures her partner that haagone kurarama asina bae,” she said.

Asked how she met and convinced Gopal to feature in the video, she explained: “I have always been in touch with him since I come home frequently, where I recorded the audio as well.

“It was easy for us to work on the video and it took us close to six hours working on it and there was a lot of chemistry between us.

“I hope my fans will enjoy the video once it’s released on the 14th (today) because we have done our best. “It’s a love song many people will certainly enjoy and dance to with their love ones since we are talking real issues.

“This time around we are not rebuking small houses, but we are just talking about real love in general and bedroom matters,” she said.

Vimbai said the video was a precursor of more projects to come in the first half on 2021.

“This is just the beginning of more to come after a difficult 2020 where we did not work to expectations.

“We are also in the process of shooting more videos this year with the fourth album set to be released soon.

“To date, I have three albums namely Ndawana Mukana released in 2007, Jure Kwemeso in 2013, Hakuna Kwauchaenda (2018) with the yet to be named fourth album coming soon,” she said. Meanwhile, Vimbai who is known for promoting nudity in her videos defended her stance.

“It’s just art that people need to embrace because other art forms like visual arts also tackles the issues to do with nudity.

“For your own information, I don’t move around naked as is depicted in my videos, but we are just doing nudity as an art form and not lifestyle,” she said.

Vimbai is one of the foreign exports doing well overseas and her art form is dominated by nudity. She passed through the great tutelage of the late national hero Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi and also worked with a number of local artistes before she relocated to the Nerthelands where she commands a huge fan base.