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Local Soapie The Queen Announces The Return of Shaka

SK Khoza

Local Soapie The Queen Announces The Return of Shaka

Well, in a dramatic move that could only ever happen on soapies like “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “Days of our Lives”, a favourite character on one of Mzansi’s most popular soapies will be returning from the dead.

Remember when Taylor on “The Bold and the Beautiful” died but was brought back to life? Or when Stefano on “Days of our Lives” died after he was was shot and fell into a fire but was magically brought back to life?

Mzansi Magic announced that SK Khoza who played Shaka on “The Queen” will be making a comeback. This comes after Shaka, who viewers were introduced to in season one of the hit show four years ago, was killed off the show last year.

Neither the channel or Ferguson Films who produce the show have said how he will return but when news of his departure broke in September last year, fans created a petition to bring him back.The channel also announced that former “Isibaya” stars, Jessica Nkosi and Menzi Ngubane will also be joining the show.

“The Queen” unpacks the complex and multidimensional story of the Khoza family whose logistics business is a front for their gruesome, ruthless lives as drug dealers.

“One of the reasons that this imaginative South African drama series captured the hearts and minds of the Mzansi Magic audience is because of its diverse and impeccable talent,” said Philly Kubheka Head of PR and Publicity for Mzansi Magic.

“We are excited that one of the channel’s most loved telenovelas is set to feature South African legends as they showcase their craft and add even greater authenticity and flavour to the story.”



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