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Lerato Sengadi Gets Mugged During Morning Walk


Lerato Sengadi Gets Mugged During Morning Walk

On Thursday, Lerato during her morning walk was jumped by an unknown man who escaped in a white corolla.

Crime in Mzansi does not rest even during the national lockdown criminals are hard at work and Lerato Sengadi is one of their latest victims.

This morning on my morning walk I was jumped by a bitch ass punk trying to mug me!The lil bitch didn’t know that I may look bougie but I’m from the hood! And that switches on in a heartbeat! U tried the wrong 1! He escaped in a white corolla HY27DS GP! @uber is this car 1 of urs?

This comes just after photographer Neo took to Twitter and warned of thieves targeting joggers during their morning runs after their neighbour his neighbour was mugged. Neo shared the vehicle was a white Toyota Corolla with the following number plate HY 27 DS GP.

Well, it seems the vehicle is on a roll as Lerato says that this is the same vehicle the guy who almost robbed her got away in.

Lerato detailed how the criminal underestimated her for being boujee but she’s from the hood and can switch up in a heartbeat.

“Also he jumped me from the back… kanti he doesn’t know who he crosses paths with! Aus’ #IWillNotCower ..:: I’m the wrong one!” tweeted Lerato.

Despite a few minor scratches, Lerato said that she was grateful to be safe.

Lerato entered into fight mode when she was attacked by the criminal as to avoid being harmed further by him.