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Reebok responds to AKA’s claim of non-payment


Reebok responds to AKA’s claim of non-payment

Reebok has responded to local rapper AKA’s claims on Thursday that he did not receive any remuneration for his SneAKA collaboration.

Once again, rapper AKA has fired up his fans and followers on Twitter over claims that he did not receive any remuneration for his collaboration with Reebok for the SneAKA limited edition sneaker collection.Sneaka

The SneAKA range was launched in October 2019 and with only 600 pairs available, the long-awaited limited edition collaborative sneaker sold out in just 10 minutes via Reebok’s online store. Now the “Fella in VHe claims he just had a contract to be an ambassador – but no contract regarding SneAKA.

AKA took to Twitter on May 14 in response to tweet by @C_Renzo29, who said that the SneAKA were special because it represented “one of our own” and that it is more comfortable than any pair of Air Forces he owned.ersace” hit-maker says he was not “given a cent” for the deal.

In the tweet, AKA said: “Can you believe they didn’t pay me a single cent for this? … not one cent”

He continued the tread, claiming that Reebok refused to give him any sort of payment or royalty and in their mind they were “doing him a favour”.

When one Twitter user said that it does sound like something AKA would do, he clapped back saying: ” I had no choice … it was always a dream of mine to have my own sneaker. I guess that’s why I took a shitty deal in exchange for doing something for the culture”.

He went on to say that there was no contract: “Only my contract as an ambassador. A contract regarding the #SNEAKA doesn’t even exist”.

However, Reebok issued a statement to IOL Entertainment stating that the collaboration was successfully launched last year and that they fulfilled all the their contractual obligations related to this.

Reebok says that earlier this year, the company communicated to AKA that due to a shift in their strategy, they would not be able to renew his ambassador contract and discussed a new way to work with him in the future.

The company said it was disappointed that it had to hear about the issues raised by AKA on social media.

The full statement reads: “Reebok is aware of the claims made by South African rapper Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, known as AKA, on Twitter where he has stated non-payment for the brand collaboration of his custom made Reebok SneAKA.

“In October 2019, we executed a successful launch of the Reebok SneAKA. Upon entering into the relationship, both parties were happy with the agreement, and the terms of the launch were not disputed.

“Reebok met all of our contractual obligations related to the launch. Earlier this year, Reebok communicated with AKA and his management that due to shift in strategy, we would not be able to renew his contract as an ambassador for the brand.

“However, we did discuss a new approach of working with AKA. Reebok is thus very disappointed to be learning of the issues raised on social media, as we believed the relationship to still be on a strong footing to negotiate potential future deals.”

Source – IOL


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