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KZN python eggs hatch during lockdown, babies released into the wild



pythons in the bush

KZN python eggs hatch during lockdown, babies released into the wild

Well-known conservationist Nick Evans in February had a rare find on the north coast of KwaZulu-Natal after a large python was discovered next to a home. The homeowners captured the snake, but then noticed a clutch of eggs.phytthon eggs

Evans says the owners weren’t keen on having baby pythons about their home and after consultation with an expert, a decision was made to collect the eggs and incubate them.

During the lockdown, the eggs hatched and Evans went to visit his little friends.
“Seeing all those little babies go free was such a great feeling. And they’re so cute! Unfortunately, the majority will become food for birds, mongoose, agents, and monitor lizards. But that’s nature. Hopefully some of these little ones grow up to be giants, who avoid humans,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Even said the experience was something he’ll never forget.



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