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KZN councillor arrested for allegedly stealing two JoJo tanks


KZN councilor arrested for allegedly stealing two JoJo tanks

The councilor from Peacetown who was arrested on April 30 for allegedly stealing two JoJo tanks has spoken out about what happened to him. The JoJo tanks were evidently meant for water relief in the area.

The Ward 15 councilor was released on 1 May on R2,000 bail, reports Ladysmith Gazette. He says his arrest was motivated by “pure malice, was unlawful and part of a conspiracy against me”.

The councilor explains that in the winter of 2019, they were invited to the ANC Agenda Caucus as ward councilors of Alfred Duma Local Municipality, where they tabled their outstanding issues, including water challenges in their ward-based communities.

“The water tanks had nothing to do with the lockdown from day one, but were part of our plea, as our communities are struggling with water. Early in the month of April 2020, I received a call from an official from Alfred Duma, informing me that they were going to deliver two water tanks at my home. He asked me to furnish him with my home address.

“On April 14, the two water tanks were delivered to my home, along with a sheet form where it stated I should put my signature on the receipt of the said water tanks. These are the very same JoJo tanks that landed me in jail!” said the Ward 15 councilor.
He further revealed that the majority of Alfred Duma councilors also received water tanks, which were also delivered to their residential premises.

“However, I was the only one discriminated against and arrested. I personally find it strange that I am labeled and charged legally as a thief for something that was brought into my home by the employees of Alfred Duma under their masters’ instructions,” he added.

Since his arrest, the angry councilor has opened a case (counter charge) against officials at Alfred Duma Local Municipality and against National SAPS.



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